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In 2004 I retired

This page is about us... me and my website. Life was now about me and what I wanted. My kids were off my hands and I felt free. Free to embark on a new adventure.

I Built This Web Site

I had in the past experimented in a small way with creating web sites and wondered at the possibility of an online business or at least an interactive web site that had some potential for generating a small income to pay for itself.

This would give me the incentive to persist with it. It seemed daunting and something that would probably always remain a pipe dream. But then I discovered one of the most amazing web building options – SBI (Site Build It!).

Some people use SBI to champion a cause (that’s me) or share a dream; some to build a home based business; some to supplement their retirement income; some to boost turnover of an existing business while some have used SBI to escape from a dead-end job to become Work-At-Home Moms (or Dads).

The sponsor of this web site is dedicated to enabling you to acquire something of value complimentary to your reason for being here.

I Vent My Spleen (smile)

With so much time on my hands I was noticing the atrocious manners of our fellow citizens; kids in particular. Noisy neighbours too were a problem. I just had to make a song and dance about my feelings and try to do something about it.

On a web site I could vent my spleen to my heart's content without upsetting anyone. I might even make some money while I am about it. Turn it into a book later. Perhaps sell the book. An e-book! And so I signed up to Build a web site (click here) to get my message on Manners and Etiquette across to anyone interested.

I decided later to add other community related issues to the web site such as computer lessons for young and old and then an assortment of my points of view on just about any subject I felt strongly about (smile). So, browse on .......

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