Build a Website (Create a Website)

Want to build (create) a website? Let me show you the way to build a website that pays for itself many times over.

One that's easy to build and gets lots of traffic.

Most of my web pages rank in the top 1% of websites worldwide. Incredible, isn't it (smile)?

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Before I Built This Website

In the past I had experimented in a small way with creating web sites. I bought an inexpensive website builder program and also played with some free offers on the web.

It was hard work and very frustrating doing it by myself. Worse still, the end result was pathetic and useless!


But then I discovered one of the most amazing web building options – SBI.

SBI costs less than one dollar a day but earns me far more in return. It even has full blogging facilities!

It had all the answers to the questions that entered my mind even before I thought of them!

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SBI Met All my Requirements and More

- low cost (with a monthly-payment option)

- money-back guarantee

- excellent support

- versatile

- easy to use

- could generate business

- it could even be the business

- Click this link to see some Case Studies.

Why do YOU want to Build a Website?

Some people use this system to build a website to champion a cause (that’s me)

- or for a hobby

- some to build a home based business

- some to supplement their retirement income

- some to boost turnover of an existing business

- while some have used it to escape from a dead-end job

- to become Work From Home Moms (or Dads).

- One person even sold her SBI website for several thousand Dollars after building it up over 5 years. Just a thought for your retirement.

About my website... well it's been operational for a few years now and my monthly income from it has steadily increased without lifting a finger - occasionally for six months at a time (useful pocket money, smile).

People go to university for many years and then have to work at their profession. With an SBI website you put in the time at your own convenience at the start and then sit back & watch the money roll in.

Occasionally you add a bit more content to keep the site active and up-to-date.

I started this website as a hobby and to vent my spleen at all the bad mannered people I encounter every day; and I get money for it!

So now it's paying off in a useful way.

Anyone can build a website with SBI.

SBI even helps you choose a subject.

It uses the simple system of C-T-P-M. Content-Traffic-Presell-Monetize.

But that's not where it ends. It helps you to choose a suitable domain name, registers it for you and even hosts it when you build a website using their excellent program.

The founder of this system runs his organisation like a club. As you build a website with the help of this "club" you are never alone.

There is always assistance at hand in many forms; FAQs, Forums, Phone, Video and of course Email.

The assistance is awesome. Nothing minimalistic about it.

A Quick Start

I paid my money by credit card and within seconds I had my username and password.

In ten steps I was up and running. I used one step per day (I was a bit slow and being very careful) and in ten days I had my very own website. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy!

Updates are a Cinch!

If I want to change a word, add a graphic, or create a link, I do it and hit "Build It" again and presto, it's done! I can do that over and over 24/7 if I want to.

I can preview it first, if I wish to; analyse it to ensure it gets good rankings with the web crawlers and then upload it in a flash. The flexibility is awesome!

The website is built block by block and page by page. It has facilities that run circles around other systems and for only a tiny fraction of the cost of other systems.

This I only found out later at a very pushy seminar for online hopefuls.

At that seminar I realised that the gold was in my own backyard! I was already using a system (SBI's) that did everything that the seminar offered and more.

And I could build an excellent website for one tenth of their price by using SBI. Why change? I left that seminar feeling very good indeed.

"SBI" stands for "Solo Build It!" Yep, its name and a link to it is at the bottom of every page of my website; where it says, "Powered by: SBI!"

So confident am I about this system that I am quite happy for you to compare it to any of the other systems so that you can form an independent opinion.

If you decide to go with SBI:

1. Click on "Powered by SBI" (right at the bottom of this page)

2. website opens

3. Click on "Order SBI!" (top right corner of the page)

4. Solo Build It! page opens

5. Scroll nearly to the bottom of the page to "Secure Online Order Form"

6. Choose your payment option

7. Fill in all the details

8. Once you "Submit Order" you will receive the user name and password in a few seconds

You are now registered with SBI & need to follow the ten steps to create your website.

Congratulations and good luck!!

There will be some reading to do & videos to watch to help you build a website.

If you decide to go with another you could do it tough, but, that's ok too because I am after all interested in providing a community service and do not claim to have checked out ALL available web building systems.

So check out a few for yourself. There may be a few advertised at the top or on the right side of this page.

But, before you decide, make sure you get a money-back guarantee with a monthly-payment option and all the bells and whistles such as you would with SBI because you will surely need them.

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Good luck and tell me how you go when you finally decide which system you will use to Build a Website

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