Wedding Ceremony

The Wedding Ceremony at last! Is there a specific etiquette for wedding ceremonies?

Does the etiquette differ between the different religions?

What about the cultural customs? Bookmark and Share

Decisions …. decisions …. should the ceremony be formal? Should we get married in a church, a religious ceremony, a personal ceremony, a theme event, on the beach, at the local court house, in the garden, in the park?

A traditional ceremony would be romantic - but so much planning and cost - mmmmmm but that's what I want!

Or maybe a cultural ceremony to please the future in-laws?

Makes the head spin trying to decide!

What about your family?

What about your guests?

Do you need to consider how they will cope with the different types of wedding ceremonies available to you?

Is there a vast difference between the different religious ceremonies?

How will your families and guests cope with the differences?

Is it bad etiquette to do what you want and not what will make the hundred or so guests happy?

What will your guests wear if you decide on a wedding steeped in the wedding custom of some other country?

Is there a vast difference between the wedding customs of different cultures?

Only the happy couple should make the decisions. It is after all your big day.

Only the two of you know what will make you happy.

Only the two of you know what will make you feel comfortable and only the two of you know what you can afford financially.

A lot of unnecessary stress seems to go into planning what will make the families and friends happy.

Our advice to you …… do lots of research - then decide what you really want to make this day a happy and memorable one.

Here are some choices, each with a brief overview of what they are about. Happy decision making Bookmark and Share

Beach Wedding

Military Wedding

Japanese Wedding Ceremony

Jewish Wedding

Catholic Wedding

Wedding Ceremony - Australia

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