Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Wedding Invitation Etiquette is not about rules, it is more about tradition.

The elegance of the traditional wedding invitation is a lovely elegant way to invite people to a celebration, but often it is not the most practical, affordable or appropriate way. Bookmark and Share

In true wedding invitation etiquette the card should reflect the tone and style or theme of the wedding. For example, an oversized, ornate, engraved invitation on heavy ecru paper with a tissue layover and an inner envelope sent inside of an outer envelope would not be the ideal invitation to use for a small, informal garden wedding.

So relax, if you keep in mind your theme, style of wedding and budget, you can pretty much do whatever makes you happy.

However, how you word the invitation is extremely important. Guests can be very sensitive about how they are addressed. So let's try to keep everybody happy from the start.

In traditional wedding invitation etiquette, each mailing will include a wedding invitation with outer envelopes, a response card, and a reception card. Some helpful touches for wedding invitations include direction cards, maps, envelope lining etc.

When placing your wedding invitation order remember there are other printed paper products to consider, such as thank you cards for the bridal shower, various helpers and wedding gifts; maybe some informal cards, programs, place cards, and seating cards.

Keeping to your theme is essential and bulk ordering is usually more cost effective. As we mentioned on our Engagement Etiquette page, how one addresses their guests is extremely important. This can be a very sensitive area when dealing with divorced, remarried and step-parenting situations. Bookmark and Share

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