Broken Engagement Etiquette

Broken Engagements are always sad and embarrassing for the couples and their families. With this sad situation comes the unpleasant obligation to let family, relatives and friends know that there won't be a wedding. Bookmark and Share

But it is infinitely better to go through this ordeal rather than to face a marriage which is certain to end in disaster.

The young lady always, of course, returns the engagement ring if it has been her decision to call off the wedding.

If her fiance has called off the wedding, then, as a general rule, she is entitled to retain the ring. This decision is entirely hers and hers alone.

A few more rules of etiquette and advice:

1. It is good etiquette for the lady to retain her dignity and self-respect.

It is not expected that she make any announcement or offer explanations. Usually her mother will send brief notes to those who were invited to the wedding, informing them of the broken engagement.

2. It is poor etiquette for either of the couple to be bitter and condemn each other to friends, it is hurtful, unnecessary and shows a lack of delicacy. After all most of the people are mutual friends or family.

3. If the announcement of the engagement has been made in the papers a notice of the broken engagement might be inserted in the name of the person or persons who first made the announcement.

4. If the engagement was announced only to intimate friends the bride or her mother should send each of them a note stating that the engagement is at an end.

It is much better never to give an explanation. Such occasions as this must have given rise to the proverb, "Least said, soonest mended."

5. When an engagement is broken off the young people return all expensive gifts and all letters that have passed between them.

If wedding presents have been received from friends these also must be returned with a brief note explaining that the wedding is not to take place. It is necessary to thank the donor as warmly as if nothing had happened. Bookmark and Share

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