Engagement Ring Etiquette

Engagement ring etiquette does not insist that an engagement ring must be worn. Bookmark and Share

However, in most western countries the couples do not feel that the engagement is complete without a ring.

Having said that, there is no specific time in which the engagement ring should be purchased.

But, bear in mind that as a promise (honest intent) of betrothal it should be procured as soon as possible.

Sometimes, when there is an understanding that the couple will eventually marry, the gentleman may add a touch of drama or romanticism to their marriage proposal by producing the ring while popping the question at some point in the relationship, such as, at a dinner to celebrate an anniversary of their meeting, or while on holiday, or at a birthday celebration.

Traditionally, if an engagement ring is worn, it usually is a diamond. But again, in engagement ring etiquette there is no rule that states that if a ring is worn it has to be a diamond.

So if you choose to have a ring, just please yourself and of course your bank balance. You may even have a family heirloom you would prefer. Whatever makes you happy.

It has always been an accepted part of engagement ring etiquette for the groom-to-be to cover the expense of the engagement ring for his bride.

Sometimes because of the cost of some engagement rings and wedding bands, it is certainly acceptable for the bride-to-be to contribute to the purchase of her engagement ring.

However, it is usually the bride-to-be who purchases her fiance's wedding band and he purchases her wedding band.

Engagement, or betrothal, rings date back to the ancient days of marriage by purchase when gold rings were circulated as currency.

The groom-to-be would offer his bride-to-be a gold ring both as his partial payment for her and as a symbol of his intentions.

When do you commence wearing the ring?

Again that is a personal choice and it is indeed unusual to not commence wearing the engagement ring immediately, after all it is a symbol of betrothal.

It is frequently flashed before near-and-dear relatives and friends as a way of announcing the event.

However, proper engagement etiquette would be to discretely hide the hand with the ring until the announcement is made and then to produce it already on the finger.

If there is to be an engagement party the ring may be produced by the groom-to-be at the party and formally placed on the lady’s finger to give solemn significance to the event.

For those girls who don't know (smile) ... The engagement ring is placed on the third finger of the left hand since in ancient times this finger was believed to be the only one with a vein running directly to the heart.

Therefore, it was believed that a ring on this finger would ensure a long and loving marriage.

Engagement Ring Etiquette on the Big Day

Confusion often arises about where the engagement ring should be worn during the wedding ceremony.

Engagement ring etiquette dictates that the engagement ring and wedding ring will usually go on the left hand, ring finger of the bride and the wedding ring is usually placed right next to the engagement ring during the wedding ceremony. Problem solved.

Just before walking down the aisle, move your engagement ring to the opposite hand. After the ceremony, place it back on the left hand in front of your wedding ring.

If your are wearing gloves, there are two ways of dealing with the placement of your new wedding ring; remove your gloves and hand them to your Maid of Honor or you can purchase gloves made for this situation.

The wedding ring finger on the glove is made with a slit down the middle. It is quite easy to slip the band onto your finger by separating the glove to expose your ring finger.

Traditionally, in the past, the ring bearer was a young boy, today you can choose either a little boy or little girl.

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