Answering Machine & Voice Mail Etiquette

Answering Machine and Voice Mail Etiquette

Answering Machine and Voice Mail Etiquette simply requires the application of some common sense when using these devices.

A little forethought will avoid misunderstandings and frustration. Bookmark and Share

Your Outgoing Message:

Keep your outgoing message on your device short yet polite

There should be no background music or other noise recorded

Look at it from the caller’s perspective:

What would they need to know if you are not available to talk to them?

When would you be back?

Who else could help them?

Check for messages immediately on your return

Return the call the same day; immediately if possible

Leaving Voice Mail Replies:

Don’t ask to be called back if you are merely conveying a simple message that does not require discussion

Leave your FULL name and a short message clearly

If you need to leave your number, do so slowly and clearly.

Repeat it once

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