Tips on Telephone Etiquette

Tips on Telephone Etiquette

These Tips on Telephone Etiquette have been contributed to help bring us back on track with how it used to be. Rudeness and lack of consideration have crept into our telephone practices. Bookmark and Share

Here are some tried and tested tips on telephone etiquette to help us become aware of the courtesies that could easily be overlooked.

Check the number carefully & then dial it correctly

Allow it to ring long enough to give the called person time to get to the phone

Don’t ask them to wait the moment that they answer

Identify yourself immediately. Don’t make them guess who is calling

Ask them if it’s convenient to talk now. Are you interrupting anything?

Talk loud enough directly into the phone to be heard - without shouting

If you have dialled a wrong number, apologise. Don’t just hang up

You are talking to a person now, not a machine. So speak accordingly

Observe courtesies like “Hello, Please, Thank you and Good bye”

Making a Call:

Be an attentive listener; don’t do other jobs at the same time Bookmark and Share

Don’t interrupt while the other person is speaking. Use common courtesy

Use the person’s name. It’s music to their ears

If they have to be put on hold, ask if you can call them back rather than keep them waiting indefinitely on the line

If they would like to wait on the line get back to them every 30 seconds to update them and give them another opportunity to be called back

Seriously bad news should be delivered face-to-face if possible and not over the telephone

Receiving a call:

Answer your phone promptly to save them having to ring again

Greet the caller pleasantly. Don’t be too busy to be nice

If you have company, let the caller know that you must be brief or that you will call back later

Take messages for others clearly and politely.

Be sure to pass on the message

Always return telephone calls and do so as soon as possible

If it is necessary to transfer the call, first TELL the caller that you are transferring the call and THEN do it

Let the caller be the one to end the call first

Remember to farewell the caller with, “Good bye” or something similar.

Hang up the phone gently Bookmark and Share

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