Kids Telephone Etiquette

Kids Telephone Etiquette

Kids Telephone Etiquette is a page intended to make us aware that kids need to learn to answer the phone and to speak on it properly.

This they will learn from you and it is best they learn good telephone etiquette right from the start.

But keep toddlers away from the phone, especially if you have a home based business.

The little darlings are sooooo cute to YOU, but frustrating to the caller (unless it’s you or Grandma calling); bad for business too.

When they are old enough and can speak clearly, encourage them to hear you answer and end calls a few times first. They will learn from your example; good or bad. Bookmark and Share

To hear a kid on the phone with good telephone etiquette leaves a lasting impression.

Let them make and receive a few “pretend” calls over a period of time. Our Tips on Telephone Etiquette page will be useful for them too.

They should answer “The Smith’s residence, Tommy speaking”. (If your name is Smith and his is Tommy).

For child safety reasons some parents would instruct kids to NEVER disclose their own name. An alternative answer could be “9276 1415, the Smith’s residence”. Or simply “9276 1415”. Or any variation of that theme.

Be right beside them the first few times that they are allowed to answer the phone until they consistently do it right.

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