Wedding Ceremony - Japanese

Wedding Ceremony - Japanese The Japanese wedding ceremony is held in a Shinto Shrine. Shinto is the predominant religion in Japan. Shinto means “the way of the Kami” (Gods).

The traditional Japanese wedding ceremony is usually a very private affair with only family and close friends in attendance.

However, more and more contemporary Japanese weddings are being celebrated in a great variety of ways. Many include traditional Japanese and Western elements side by side. This makes it somewhat easier if the couple is not both Japanese or if they have been living a more Westernized life-style.

Traditionally, the religious wedding ceremony is held in Shinto style at a shrine. This shrine may be located inside the hotel where the festivities take place.

The bride wears the traditional white wedding kimono dress called shiro-maku. Shiro meaning white and maku meaning pure.

The bride’s hair is styled in the traditional style and adorned with beautiful ornaments, combs and accessories.

Traditional Japanese music consisting of flutes is performed by artists.

The Japanese wedding ceremony is conducted by a Shinto priest who first begins by purifying the couple.

After the purification and vows are performed, the ancient wedding custom of sharing sake called "san san kudo" is performed.

After the ceremony, the couple welcomes all the guests, and the reception party is held.

The party normally starts with the introductions of the bride and groom.

Afterwards, a meal is held and several guests make contributions such as speeches, songs and the like.

During the whole celebration, the groom and especially the bride may change their dresses several times.

At the very end of the party, the couple will speak to all the guests and thank everybody.

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