Business Card Etiquette

Business card etiquette is the exchange of business cards with dignity and respect Bookmark and Share

Remember that it is an extension of yourself and may be the only tangible item taken from the meeting by which you will be identified and remembered

Therefore, never be caught without business cards

Don’t be stingy when handing them out

Give one to everyone in a group up to about six persons

For larger groups place a few on the table for anyone that wants one

Your card must identify you, your organisation and your title in the organisation, your qualification and contact details

It must be in the language of the recipient (at least on one side)

It must be of good quality paper and print

Business cards must be offered and received with respect

Read it immediately you receive it, noting the name and title

Do not carelessly throw it around; definitely not before the presenter of the card to you

If sitting at a table, place cards received in the same order that they relate to the positions of the people sitting around the table

This will enable you to glance at them to refresh your memory of their names and titles

Be aware of the different business card customs in other countries particularly in China and Japan

In these countries business card etiquette holds a status of some reverence and business cards are treated with the utmost respect

It is a useful practice (in private) to endorse on the back of the business card the occasion and the date when the card was received

The occasion will help you to remember something about the person and the date also will be useful when culling redundant cards

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