Easy Computer Lessons

Easy Computer Lessons were written with the absolute beginner in mind but everyone will gain something from them to fill the gaps in their knowledge. Bookmark and Share

We use a simple step-by-step approach, with lots of graphics to aid the learning process.

Are you a stay-at-home mom (or dad) who would some day like to return to the workforce with a new skill?

Are you a senior citizen with time on your hands to explore the World Wide Web for knowledge, to communicate while travelling, to play games, find a mate, organise your finances or to buy and sell almost anything?

Are you a business person with limited (or no) computer experience? You know your computer limitations and even though your staff is available to provide you with information it would help you immeasurably to sometimes just access the information for yourself, read and answer your own e-mails or to do a Google search.

You would have just that tad of independence and understanding to no longer wonder whether your computer illiteracy is perhaps allowing others to walk all over you. Imagine if you could build your own website!

Surprise yourself at how easily and cheaply (some lessons are free) you can self-teach yourself to use a computer with our Step-by-Step Computer Lessons.

Once you become computer literate, download some of the lessons for your computer illiterate workmates or friends so that you can e-mail them directly to quickly exchange ideas, plans, spreadsheets, photos or even videos of projects.

Hundreds of absolute beginner senior citizens have opened up a whole new world for themselves with our Step-by-Step Computer Lessons.

These lessons have been tried and tested and have proven themselves on the ‘battlefield’ so to speak (smile)! Bookmark and Share

Simply click on the link to our Easy Computer Lessons and good luck!

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