Office Party Etiquette

Office Party Etiquette is about how to conduct yourself at office or workplace social gatherings such as parties, luncheons, dinners, cocktail parties and the like. Bookmark and Share

View your office party as an opportunity to improve relationships with co-workers and management.

You will create a good impression by showing respect and courtesy to everyone

Always attend. It is disrespectful and shows indifference if you do not

Dress suitably for the occasion. No sloppy dress please

Be on time for the office party

Turn your cell phone off.

Cell phones no longer impress anyone and their intrusion is a source of annoyance, so never use them beside or within earshot of other guests.

Be aware that despite the social occasion, you are being observed by your employer (employees if you are the employer) and co-workers, so conduct yourself with dignity and respect

Make room to include anyone who approaches to join the gathering

Introduce yourself to new arrivals to make them feel welcome

Introduce them to others in the group if they appear to not know them

Tactfully assist an intoxicated co-worker to switch to something non-intoxicating if they are clearly showing signs of embarrassing themselves before the boss or others

At the Table

Office party etiquette does not mean getting hung-up on table etiquette

The important points to remember at the table are to not wolf down your food, eat or drink to excess, slurp, chomp or burp at the table

Cutlery is used from the outside in

Your glass is the one on your right

Your side plate is the one on your left

If the table is not too congested what’s yours will be obvious otherwise observe the above

Do not reach past anybody.

Ask for what you want to be passed to you

Look for opportunities to attend to those on either side of you

Try not to be the first to leave the table

Do not leave the table without excusing yourself to the host or hostess

Better still wait for your host to rise from the table first

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Together we can build better harmony and cooperation in the workplace

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