A Puppy is NOT a Toy

You will probably notice me while shopping this Christmas. Everyone loves a puppy; I will look cute, cuddly and adorable. Bookmark and Share

But, before you even consider taking me home, please remember that I will live for about 10 to 15 years (longer if you are lucky). I will need to be fed, groomed, exercised and loved every day.

I will also need to be trained and I will make mistakes, so please have patience with me.

I can also be expensive to keep.

I will grow from this little bundle of fun into a beautiful dog; and to be happy, healthy and your best friend I will need vet checks, worming tablets and so forth. I may also need to be de-sexed and micro-chipped.

So, if you can make this commitment to me by all means buy me; but if you can’t make this commitment then please think twice.

I am not refundable and I don’t want to end up in a shelter, or worse.

I’m not a plaything that can be put in the cupboard or discarded after I lose my novelty value or because I have become too much like hard work when Christmas is over.

You will have your school, your work, your entertainment and your friends.

I will have only you; for you see I am not a toy.

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