Step-by-Step Computer Lessons for Seniors

Our manual 'Step-by-Step Computer Lessons for Seniors' provides self-help for the absolute beginner to the more advanced user.

It is also an ideal teaching aid for XP & MS Office 2003

It is written in an easy style with lots of illustrations and good humour

It has more than 530 pages of everything you wanted to know about Computers and Application Software - but, felt too embarrassed to ask

Everyone learns something of value from these lessons.

Our Gift to the Community

So successful are they that we have made them available on-line 24/7 completely free in the form of a MANUAL for instant download to enable our senior citizens or whoever, anywhere in the world, to get off to a flying start.

This is faster and safer than free mail order. There are no postage costs and the lessons are on your computer in a few seconds.

Click on the blue ‘Free Step-by-Step Computer Lessons (Manual)’ link, and the manual will start to download and appear on your computer screen for you to start using right away.

There are no tricks or gimmicks or other online risks or frustrations. We are doing this purely as a community service. This manual is yours to keep and re-use over and over.

To download this Gift simply click on the following:

Free Step-by-Step Computer Lessons (Manual).

Our 'Step-by-Step Computer Lessons for Seniors' incorporates all the following lessons:

Quick Start-Up Guide
Switching on and switching off. Finding your way around…

Computer Mouse
Your “hands-on” pointer and controller

Computer Keyboard
An improvement on the old typewriter

Internet Fun 1
At your fingertips – Games, Shopping, News, Armchair-Travel – anything and everything you want to know

Internet Fun 2
Exploring and Having Fun in Utube - free music, watch educational and fun videos

Internet Fun 3
Window Shopping on the Internet (eBay). Beware this can be quite addictive! (smile). Everything you could possible think of is up for auction here – but remember this lesson is only a window shopping expedition

Internet Fun 4
Need to illustrate something? Where and how to find the perfect graphic on the Internet

Know your Computer
How big? How fast? What’s on it? What’s in it? Know how to answer these questions the ‘experts’ fire at you

Creating Folders
Know how to organize, file and find your work again

Saving Work
You don’t want to lose your masterpiece – do you? Save it and keep it in a safe place where you can return to work on it or retrieve it to show everybody. Also, some time-saving keyboard shortcuts

Emailing Basics
Getting your letter ‘right’ before you ‘mail’ it

Emailing - Advanced (Outlook Express)
Attach photos, music, documents etc to your email. Mail to several people at once and lots more …

Menus, Toolbars and Shortcuts
More than one way to skin a cat – and quickly too

Changing Font Style and Color
For very fancy script

Microsoft Word Basics 1
Getting to know the layout and functions of your “word processor”

Microsoft Word 2
Working with various typing effects & some very useful features

Microsoft Word 3
Check spelling & grammar. Magically, copy, rearrange or relocate entire paragraphs

Microsoft Word 4
The Tab key. Bullets & Numbering. Undo & Redo. Printing your work

Microsoft Word 5
Sometimes you need to present your work in Tabular form. This is sooooo easy

Greeting Cards in Microsoft Publisher
Personalize your cards with family photos. These cards are never thrown away by the recipients

For Sale Poster in Microsoft Publisher
Make your poster really stand out

Understanding Microsoft Excel
For household budgets, membership lists and lots more

Having Fun in Microsoft Paint
A little lesson in drawing and editing pictures

PowerPoint Slide Show 1
Show-off your family & holiday photos

PowerPoint Slide Show 2
Add music to the family & holiday photo slide show

Windows Movie Maker Basics
A quick way to arrange your photos & show them with music

Immortalize your work! In computer terms, this is called getting a ‘hard copy’.

Working with Photos and Graphics
Moving, re-sizing, placing and getting creative with your photographs and other graphics

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