Nasty Neighbours

Nasty neighbours basically ignore common decency; conflict eventually occurs and tempers rise.

To maintain peace and order, some form of intervention or arbitration becomes necessary.

In the meantime this is what we say to our nasty neighbours: Bookmark and Share

1. Foul Language – this can never be justified at any place or at any time.

- If you need to impress someone, improve your vocabulary instead; foul language won’t do it.

- Or pick a fight with someone bigger and tougher than you; that will impress someone!

2. Verbal abuse – this too is unnecessary.

- See a psychiatrist

3. Fences give rise to a large number of nasty neighbour disputes.

It is best to avoid bad feelings over fencing issues by observing the following basic neighbourliness:

- Keep your bushes and trees from growing over the fence

- Don’t damage the fence

- Don’t throw anything over the fence

- Keep your property on your own side of the fence; not hanging over or leaning against it

- Keep children off the fence

4. Drunken behaviour – sometimes accompanied by loud, aggressive, abusive language.

- Save it for the pub where you can be beaten up, thrown out or arrested

5. Accumulating rubbish on the property – this looks unsightly and attracts vermin.

- You do not want to give your house-proud neighbours the impression that ‘low life’ lives there

6. Loose garbage – as above

7. Graffiti and littering – stop doing it and clean it up immediately.

- There are laws against this. Offenders will be prosecuted if caught in the act

8. Undisciplined children – kids playing free in the streets is what democracy is all about. Until one goes missing or is injured on the road; then it’s someone else’s fault. WRONG.

- Parents are responsible for the behaviour and safety of their children at ALL times.

- Teach them to be considerate at an early age

9. Parking irresponsibly – keep right off footpaths; angry pedestrians could vandalise your vehicle.

- Keep off neighbours’ street verges - you damage their sprinklers; they damage your vehicle

10. External home improvements – discuss them with your neighbour to ensure views or natural light are not obstructed

11. Running a business from home – if clients become a nuisance, a disgruntled neighbour could have you shut down or operating from elsewhere

12. Rowdy parties – invite or at least advise your neighbours.

- Reassure them that you will keep your guests and the noise under control and then do so.

- Make your guests aware that you like to get on with YOUR nasty neighbours and to behave accordingly.

- No hooting ‘good bye’ at one o’clock in the morning

- In fact, no hooting their car horns anytime!


So what can we do about our nasty neighbours?

- If your nasty neighbours bother you, e-mail them a link to this page or print it out for them. Use our Bookmark and Share

- Tell them it's nothing personal and that you really would like to get on with them.

- But, would they pleeeeease co-operate?

Ok, you've done that.

It didn't work.

Your level of tolerance has obviously been exceeded, the police have had to intervene and now; no more Mr Nice Guy, it is time to take firmer measures.

Almost every city and town has local noise and anti-social ordinances that the police are responsible for enforcing.

- Find out about the law in your area from your Local Authority.

You will find that arbitration or mediation is a much cheaper option to litigation.

- It is just as binding on the parties.

- The UK uses the Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) as an informal procedure that is legally based.

- ABC's can be used with children, young adults and older adults.

- If that fails seek an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) or equivalent if you are outside the UK.

- Some of these orders are very severe in their operation but others less so.

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