Noisy Neighbours

Noisy neighbours are a major cause of neighbour disputes.

We have no right to intrude on our neighbours’ peace and quiet by being noisy.

It is downright bad manners. Bookmark and Share

To live in harmony we must respect our neighbours’ rights, notably, by observing the following:

1. Music – day or night, keep the volume down; especially in summer when the windows are open.

If you can hear your music outside the house, it is too loud.

The neighbours can hear it too.

Wear headphones if you wish to scramble your brain with loud music.

As a fringe benefit you will also go deaf

2. Shouting and arguing – as above but instead of headphones do it in the bathroom behind closed doors.

The noise of shouting will make you deaf; the arguing will drive you insane

3. Dogs barking – nuisance barking at all-and-sundry needs to be controlled.

Use professional ‘bark busters’ to cure this noisy habit or get a cat instead

4. Cats fighting – keep the moggie inside at night; or get a budgie instead

5. Parrot squawking - at all hours.

Get it a mate or keep fish instead

6. Power equipment – especially in the suburbs.

Continuous use of noisy power saws, grinders and revving car motors by the home mechanic can drive your neighbours crazy.

Take a break; get a life

7. Harley Hounds - warming up their bikes at 6 o'clock in the morning and then making an explosive get away.

Is it really necessary?

Grow up! Buy a car.

Unlike a motor cycle, cars don't take five minutes to warm up

8. Skate boarding in the street – the crack and rumble of skate boards is hard to take.

Find a suitable public venue near you to practice your radical jumps.

If you break an ankle in the street don’t expect sympathy from your long suffering neighbours

9. Basket ball bouncing – this noise penetrates for some reason; it must be the way you hold your mouth.

Play elsewhere

10. Band practice – drums especially, but also electric guitars are too intrusive.

Buy drum pads for the drums and turn the guitars down to kill the noise.

Or practice in the bush

11. Air conditioners – are a problem where houses are close together.

Install it away from your neighbour’s bedrooms or get a quiet one

12. Other noises – be aware that the rights of your neighbours to peace and quiet in their home environment supersedes your right to be noisy neighbours

To become a more responsible neighbour you will find help from some of the sponsors listed at the top or right side of this page. Check them out.

One responsible local council placed this notice in the local newspaper just before Easter to remind noisy neighbours:


During the holidays many of us enjoy entertaining outside. Excessive noise can be a nuisance to your neighbours, so why not try these suggestions:

- Start your party earlier so it can finish earlier

- Avoid using speakers ouside the house

- Let your neighbours know about the party and the time you expect to finish

- Adjust the music volume (especially the bass) to ensure it does not annoy your neighbours

- Should the party continue after 10pm consider moving your guests inside and close all windows and doors

If your noisy neighbours bother you, e-mail them a link to this page using our Bookmark and Share or print it out for them.

Tell them it's nothing personal and that you really would like to get on with them.

But, would they please put a lid on it?

If that fails to quiten your noisy neighbour you might consider whether to resort to the remedies for a nasty neighbour.


There is not much that can be done about industrial sounds when building construction takes place in your neighbourhood unless the work takes place outside regulated hours.

If this happens your local council or shire should help to rectify the situation if the builder is operating outside the hours stipulated in their regulations.

However, building workers seem to think they have a God given right to play their 'ghetto blasters' at full volume on-site for the benefit of the neighbours whom they presume are either deaf or could use some free entertainment albeit not of their taste or choice.

These workers can sometimes be noisy neighbours of the worst kind.

This is where the authorities need to set a condition in their regulations to ban these players on building sites.

The workers may use personal ipods with earphones if they cannot live without their screamin' demons.

If plugging their ears and filling them with loud noise is a safety issue then that's too bad.

Their right to have music on the premises does not supersede the right of residents to peace and quiet in their homes.

If enough residents scream their protest to the relevant authorities long and loud enough change will eventually be implemented.

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