Neighbour From Hell

Neighbour from hell?

Ever had one?

You don't need to think twice about the answer.

You know it immediately.

You have lost sleep over that neighbour, called the police, called the local authority, council or shire ranger and it may even have affected your health. Bookmark and Share

You have probably written letters of complaint, sent e-mails and made numerous phone calls about this neighbour.

In extreme cases people have even moved house; anything to get away from such a nuisance neighbour.

What is the make-up of a Neighbour from Hell?

Broadly, that neighbour has no manners or regard for anyone or anything.

They have no respect for the law or anyone.

They are selfish and inconsiderate and consequently they breach the unwritten rules of social etiquette of living in harmony in a community.

What do they DO to deserve the reputation - Neighbour from Hell?

They do a lot to disturb the peace and quiet of a neighbourhood:

Noisy at all hours of the day or night

Disorderly conduct such as drunkeness, swearing and abusiveness

Accumulation of rubbish in plain view from the street

Littering the streets about their home

Throwing things over the fence or elsewhere

Destroying neighbours property, plants, etc.

Allowing their kids to be as undisciplined as themselves

Throwing rowdy parties with their unsavoury friends

Picking fights with all and sundry

Coming and going noisily at all hours of the day and night.

Their chums toot their horns when they come.

Toot again when they go


These are the same as for our nasty neighbours.

Almost every city and town has local noise and anti-social ordinances that the police are responsible for enforcing.

Find out about the law in your area from your Local Authority.

You will find that arbitration or mediation is a much cheaper option to litigation.

It is just as binding on the parties.

The UK uses the Acceptable Behaviour Contract (ABC) as an informal procedure that is legally based.

ABC's can be used with children, young adults and older adults.

If that fails seek an Anti Social Behaviour Order (ASBO) or equivalent if you are outside the UK.

You may find help from some of the sponsors listed at the top or right side of this page. Check them out.

Some of these orders are very severe in their operation while others are less so.

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